Being able to tell how your ad is performing is one of the major benefits of digital marketing. Using national benchmarks we can tell how well you ad is performing compared to other marketing campaigns and make sure that we are delivering the best results possible. If your business is seeing results though our transparent tracking, it is likely that you will be reaping the benefits in person. Using this data over time helps us manage and run your campaigns better the longer you continue to advertise with us. We even have programs like Website Visitor Tracking that allow us to give you the name, email address, and cell phone number of the people who are coming to your website. We can help you set up Google Analytics, a free service provided by Google, to help you monitor the traffic as it comes into your website. With our new mobile ad tracking technology we can tell you when someone saw the ad on their phone and walked in to your place of business.

All of this tracking and numbers can be confusing, but we will help you sort through the numbers and get to the bottom line to make sure your advertising is brining you a return on your investment!

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At Connect digital we create amazing advertising ideas that work. We target these ideas to people who are looking for your product or services. We then track the results and help you analyze them to make sure we are providing you a return on your advertising investment. We believe in simplicity. We won’t lock you in to any high priced contracts. We want to grow your business and be a partner with you. Connect with us, and we can show you new ways to connect with your customers!