Email Marketing

At Connect we do email marketing differently. We use email marketing to get you tangible leads and grow your own internal email database.

How it Works

We have over 95 million email addresses across the U.S. These emails are ”scrubbed” each quarter and constantly updated to make sure we have access to the most relevant emails possible. All emails are double opted in and CAN-SPAM compliant. We also have them segmented so you can target the exact audience you are looking for.

When we send the email out, it looks like it is coming from your business. Most of the time we see at least a 10% open rate. 1 week after we send the email we will send you a list of EVERYONE who opened and read the email. You will get their name, email address, and physical address. We can help you import this data into an email marketing program so you can continue to stay in contact with the people who are interested in your product or service.

EXAMPLE: You send out an email to 50,000 people in a 20 mile radius around Cape Girardeau, MO. After the email is sent we will expect that at least 5,000 people will open and read the email. In 1 week we will send you all of the data (NAME, EMAIL, PHYSICAL ADDRESS) of everyone who opened and read the email. You can then (FOR FREE*) send follow up emails to these prospects.

*some email programs like mailchimp cost approximately $15.00 a month if you choose to use that

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At Connect digital we create amazing advertising ideas that work. We target these ideas to people who are looking for your product or services. We then track the results and help you analyze them to make sure we are providing you a return on your advertising investment. We believe in simplicity. We won’t lock you in to any high priced contracts. We want to grow your business and be a partner with you. Connect with us, and we can show you new ways to connect with your customers!