OTT Over-the-top


  • Addressable TV offers marketers the ability to target their TV advertising to specific households using postal address data.
  • 15 and 30 second spots will be delivered to viewers who are watching Connected TV programming using a smart TV or connected device (Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, YouTube TV etc).
  • Connected TV spots cannot be skipped, and can be measured using “completed view” reporting.


  • Addressable TV allows for precise audiences to be targeted, much like a traditional digital campaign.
  • Targeting options include demographic, behavior, intent, etc.
  • Based on the target audience selected, an approximate total reach and frequency can be calculated for each campaign.
  • Homes that include individuals in the target audience can be visualized on a plat line/property line map.


  • Using Geofencing technology, advertisers can measure the number of people who viewed their TV ads and then entered their place of business.
  • Reporting will measure the extended zip code (zip + 4) from the geographic area of the person who entered the advertiser’s location.

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